There's a book within beckoning you sit down and pour it from your heart to your fingertips and onto a document. Isn’t it time to concentrate your energies on writing that book?

No More Procrastination

February is the perfect time to write that book you continue to claim, “I’ll get to it tomorrow.” It’s time to share your story, dear ones.

Hold Yourself Accountable

How much you accomplish is up to you. Are you willing to dedicate the time and energy to write a minimum of 30-minutes a day? Each attendee will claim their writing goal and set an intention to write daily for twenty-one days during our first group coaching session.

Follow Your Heart

Allow your intuition to guide the words onto the page. The first draft is what I call a brain-dump. It’s the period when we get thoughts out of our head and into a document to sort out later.

Our time together

My intuition will guide the direction of our 21-Day Writing Intensive conversations based on the individuals in the course. Be sure to take a few minutes before each meeting to prepare yourself for sitting a duration of time. The 21-Day Writing Intensive is intended to be creative, inspiring, and productive. This is a community of authors supporting fellow authors.

What's Included

The non-fluffy details

9 Hours of Group Coaching

90-minute session on Monday's
60-minute session on Friday's
Dedicate 30-minutes per session to write

One 30-minute Discovery Call to discuss your book
.:. Bonus materials
.:. Hold Self accountable to write a minimum of 30-minutes per day.
.:. Supportive community
.:. Establish practical writing goals

Value $389


“Cindy is much more than an editor; she has been my trustee guide and confidant over the past three years while writing my second book, Guided by Love. Her meticulous attention to detail and suggestions helped me to polish the manuscript into its final version. A highly emotional book for me to write, Cindy encouraged me to dig deeper and to find the strength to share my truth in each chapter. I look forward to working with her again on my next book when the time comes.”

Author & Speaker

Sarah Wall

Group Coaching Calls

Zoom Video Conference Calls @ 1pm (est)

Monday | February 1 | 90-minutes
Friday | February 5 | 60-minutes
Monday | February 8 | 90-minutes
Friday | February 12 | 60-minutes
Monday | February 15 | 90-minutes
Friday | February 19 | 60-minutes
Follow-up | February 24 | 90-minutes

What to expect during the group coaching sessions:
.:. Dedicate a minimum of 30-minute to writing
.:. Discussions on the craft of writing
.:. Hone writing skills
.:. Participate in a supportive community

Introductory Price $37

Writing is an intimate process of communicating with Self.

Our community structure is based on being present for each other in a nonjudgemental and free-from-criticism forum.

Let's Get Intensive!

Registration closes when the clock hits zero!

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  • Who is this course for?

    .:. Anyone looking to grasp the fundamentals of writing.

    .:. Anyone looking to brush up their writing skills.

    .:. Anyone interested in writing and publishing a book.

    .:. Anyone with a need to tell a story that buried inside.

  • What if I’m not a seasoned writer?

    The 21-Day Writing Intensive is for seasoned and unseasoned authors who are ready and willing to dedicate the time and energy into their writing project.

    Each of us has a natural gift for relaying OUR message through written words.

    The purpose is to:
    .:.feel supported and offer support in a community atmosphere.
    .:.hold ourselves accountable and feel motivated to focus on our writing projects.
    .:.expand and hone our writing skills.

    Whether you are a seasoned or unseasoned author, there’s a natural ebb and flow of our craft. Wouldn’t it be helpful to discuss the process of writing with those who understand?

  • Why did you create the 21-Day Writing Intensive?

    One might say it was purely for selfish reasons. I’ve been on a Soul’s Journey for over three years. My intuition has been nudging me to finish that book. I’ve spoken to several friends who stated they wanted to work on their book but continue to put it off. Sound familiar?

    It’s time to get out of our heads and put pen to paper. We can agree…
    .:.how lonely writing can be, our critical voice tells us our stuff is utter-crap,
    .:.we allow days, months, years pass with the familiar promise that we’ll get to it soon,
    .:.great things can be accomplished when we feel unconditional support from others,
    .:.we are not alone,
    .:.our words have power,
    .:.and, our stories matter.

    Why am I leading this course? To guide authors to write and finish that damn book!

  • What can I expect to gain as a participant?

    .:.a community that supports you no matter how crappy you feel your writing.

    .:.a release of the common doldrums of who am I to write and who’s going to read my words.

    .:.a camaraderie of fellow writers that understands and supports you unconditionally.

    .:.the encouragement to finish that book you’ve been “working on” for too long.

    .:.the freedom and inspiration to be as creative as you can be!

    .:.the determination to schedule the time to write.

    Each of us has with a unique set of skills, knowledge and a “voice” worth being heard.

  • What are the requirements?

    .:. A willingness to put forth the time and energy into writing your book.

    .:. Participate in the course elements.

    .:. Pen and paper, or computer, for writing during group coaching sessions. .:. A positive attitude. .:. Honesty and respect of privacy of all participants.

  • How long will I have access to the course content?

    You will be able to access the course content until the end of July 2021. The intension is to offer a similar course early August of this year. The next course will be based from the outcome of this program. The downloads are yours to keep. Be certain to save the pdf files on your computer or print them out for future reference.

21-Day Writing Intensive

Let's Write That Book!

This is your personal invitation to block out time for twenty-one days with intense dedication to write from the heart daily, participate in a community of writers and authors, and share the story you've kept to yourself.

Seven Group Coaching Sessions (9 HOURS total)
One 30-minute Individual Coaching Call to Discuss Your Book

Bonus Materials | Supportive Community
Establish Practical Writing Goals

We will meet via Zoom twice a week beginning on February 1st with a follow-up call on February 24th to discuss our accomplishments and set intentions for publishing that book.

Introductory Fee $37

In Their Words

“I just LOVE this! It’s really beautiful and well presented, with a clear message. Personally I love that there is writing time built into the sessions as that means I will 100% be getting words down on paper by doing it – if the calls just talked about writing and left me to write in my own time only it may still not happen, but once the ball is rolling and a start is made it’s so much easier to carry on alone. So I love that practical element. It’s a total bargain, too. Great offer!”

Healer, Teacher, & Facilitator

Dr. Joy Lovesey

“I’ve heard of the saying that there’s a book inside each of us but what happens when you start writing a book on a topic that is dear to your heart and get hit by the Curse of Knowledge and Information?

That’s exactly what happened to me for my 7th book where I’ve written about money from both a Coach and a Finance Specialist’s point of view. I put my manuscript aside thinking I will return to it and then time went by until I found my Motivator and gentle coaxing to revisit my manuscript from Cindy.

Under her unassuming yet powerful mentorship in the Pen to Paper Writers Circle, I finally realized my manuscript was actually two books instead of one! The clarity I received finally spurred me to revisit my book and this time, I finalized my manuscript and published it!

Looking back, I realize our communications over a few days made all the difference and Cindy helped me understand that Writer’s Block can take many forms.

If you are stuck in a rut with a cherished book project, blog and need someone to stand by you while you work on your dream project, then Cindy Kochis is the Go to Mentor for the job. I strongly recommend joining the Pen to Paper Writers Circle.

That’s one decision your Future Self will thank you for!”