It’s time to write your book!

Transforming experiences into written works of art.

What began as a journal entry turned into a blog post. A reader of the series exclaimed, “This would make a great book!”

Inspiration and excitement burst from the heart. Yes, I can do this! The journal you’ve poured your heart and soul into now rests on the surface next to your computer. You review its content and fill the blank document on the monitor. Your story, filled with insightful pearls of wisdom, form sentences and transform paragraphs.

Doubtful thoughts begin to swirl like vultures and loom in dark craves of your mind. You think, now what?

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Pen to Paper Press is where writers meet to write, expand their knowledge, and connect.

Meet the Character Meditation

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How well do you know the characters in the book you're writing? Do they speak to you as the story is written? What if you could close your eyes and connect with them?

Self-Learning Program Includes
.:. Guided meditation
.:. Meet the Character Worksheet pdf

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CK Kochis

About the instructor

I am a writer; it's what I do.

One of my roles in life is to guide those in search of their heart's voice so they, too, can express their truth.

Our words have power.

Our stories matter.

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Transforming experiences into written works of art.

Your Words Have Power.

Your Story Matters.

Are you ready to complete your book?